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Dresshaus Presents Year-End Holiday Collection

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30, December 2019

Many people spend the end of year by going on holiday or attending some celebrations. Not infrequently, this also has an impact on the increasing need for holiday and party apparel. This usually happens to women aged 25-40 years or primary age who often attend end-of-year events with friends or family.

Utilizing this momentum, Dresshaus also launched holiday collection. Dresshaus itself is a Dresshaus is a curated multi-vendor platform specializing on women's apparel & accessories from Indonesia's emerging brands. Especially for their holiday collection, Dresshaus divides fashion collection type into two segments, indoor party and party outside the city.

For this collection, Dresshaus collaborates with 13 local brands to design apparel and accessories that can be used as a guide for customers to prepare for their best year-end appearances. Brands that join include Aimee, Aluna, Byra, Curvakum, Eiwa, JA Collection, Jenni Austin, Kénata, N Atelier, Puan, Ritby, Serra, and Q Atelier.

You can get this holiday-themed collection through Dresshaus mobile app which can be downloaded on iOS and Android, as well as through the website (listed below) and Dresshaus boutique located on Jalan Bumi in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.