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During Ramadan in Indonesia, Technology Helps Out All Month Long

During Ramadan in Indonesia, Technology Helps Out All Month Long


The Holy Month of Ramadan is a cornerstone of the Islamic faith. With this in mind, we quoted from thinkwithgoogle.com to get to know the changing behaviors and attitudes toward the annual celebration and worked with strategic research agency Asian Consumer Intelligence to survey 500 respondents and interview an additional 40 people in both Indonesia and Malaysia. We also took a deep dive into search and YouTube trends to uncover any emerging patterns.

The results tell a fascinating story of how technology helps modern-day Muslims combine the self-control and perseverance necessary during Ramadan with their busy daily lives. Technology can help with all of these in six ways.

1. Planning For Prayers
61% of Indonesians said they intend to use Muslim-oriented apps or websites. Having an app that knows and reminds you of accurate prayer times can be the difference between arranging your work day and being stuck in traffic when the call to prayer rings over the mosque megaphones. 

2. Improving Access to Religious Material
Technology can help people access the Quran and its teachings more easily. In fact, last year saw a 34% year-over-year increase in Indonesia’s faith-related search queries compared to 2016. Specifically, there was a gradual lift in Ramadan-related searches in Indonesia starting two weeks before Ramadan that continued throughout the Holy Month before culminating in the week of Eid.

3. Iftar Time is Family Time
Although Ramadan is centered around fasting, traditions relating to food are equally important. Recipes and video tutorial searches also spike on YouTube. When asked about meal preferences to break fast, 76% of Indonesians surveyed said they would prefer home-cooked meals—unsurprising, because the iftar (the meal eaten at sunset after a full day of fasting) is traditionally practiced at home.

4. Spiritual Messages Through Online Video
Consumption of online video content generally rises during Ramadan, with YouTube search queries increasing by as much as 40% during the period.

When asked about the content that they’re watching, sermons seemed to be a common theme with Muslims during Ramadan, it helps keep them calm and their mind focused on what is most important to reflect.

5. Get Ticket for Trip Planning
Traditionally, Muslims in Indonesia will journey home to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. In Indonesia alone, an estimated 19 million people will be packing their bags and travelling simultaneously. Buses and trains are often the best way to get home, which explains why search queries for both train and bus tickets across Indonesia increases months ahead of Raya.

6. Making Charitable Giving Effortless
Giving back and taking care of the less fortunate is a core pillar of Islam, and this is especially heightened during Ramadan.

In Indonesia, zakat-related queries involve end-to-end research to find out about specific details, including the Islamic definition of zakat, why Muslims have to contribute, how they can make contributions, how much they should contribute (zakat kalkulator), and where to pay the zakat.