During Ramadhan, These 5 Areas Prone to Street Vendors in Jakarta (Part I)

During Ramadhan, These 5 Areas Prone to Street Vendors in Jakarta (Part I)


Although Government of Jakarta have managing street vendors in some areas, like Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, but, during Ramadhan, these 5 areas predicted to crowd by dozens street vendors.

1. Kebayoran Lama Market

Before Ramadhan, this area, nearby Kebayoran Lama Station always crowded by flea vendors. Dozens flea vendor predicted to focus their selling activities under flyover to Velbak, Masjid Al Huda (across the train station), in front of Ramayana, Ciledug Raya Street to in front of 48 Junior High School.

2. In Front of Tanah Abang Station

During Ramadhan, street vendors in front of Tanah Abang Station predicted to rise, up to 30%. Specially by the weekend, from 8am to 5pm, along Jatibaru Street will be chosen by dozens street vendor sell their goods to gain their income.

3. Bendungan Hilir

Bendungan Hilir known as one of takjil (breakfasting food) central in Jakarta that always crowded. At least, there will be 50 street vendors sell their foods here, around a temporary shelter Bendungan Hilir Market, start around daytime until evening.

4. Kramat Raya Street

Along Kramat Raya Street, nearby Senen cinema building, you can spot a lot of Minang dishes to break your fast, such as Bubur Kampiun (sweet combination of sticky rice, banana compote, green beans from West Sumatra), Lemang Tapai (traditional snack made with black sticky rice, coconut milk, pandan leaves) and Nasi Kapau (rice topped with various dishes). Kramat Raya also known as Minang dishes central will be crowded by dozens street vendor during Ramadhan.

5. Asemka Market

During weekdays, Asemka Market known as accessories, wedding souvenirs and toys central in Jakarta, but during Ramadhan, around Asemka Market specially under flyover will be crowded by a lot of street vendors offers you takjil (breakfasting food) to break your fast.