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E-commerce Allow Users to Find Vacancies

By Eskanisa R

30 September 2020

Simple login to getting hired fast.

Photo source: Pixabay

Did you know there are more than 30 e-commerce in Indonesia with vary trading activities? One of popular name is OLX. This site previously known as Tokobagus then officially changed the name in 2014. Even the brand and URL get changed, all trading and advertising activities still going usually.
Advertising on OLX usually get quick response from potential buyers. After the ad is received by the site and get through moderation process, potential buyers are lining up to ask their needs.
Even your ad has been uploaded for some previous times (in lower position displaced by a new ones), if other users upload new ads related to yours (previous same ads), your uploaded ad will automatically be seen in their related categories.
Moreover, OLX has services and job vacancies category that definitely very helpful amid pandemic for unemployed users. As we all know, millions people lost their work due to Coronavirus. Besides selling your products—food, clothes, accessories and other goods—you can also use the services and job vacancies feature with vary location choices including Java, Bali, Sumatra to Kalimantan.
Job and salaries are vary, from drivers, mechanics, groomers, script writers to public relations. You only need to login by phone number, Facebook, Google or e-mail address. Maybe earning little money during this pandemic sounds impossible, do not give up because you do not know where you landed a new job.

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