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Early Symptoms of Meningitis are Often Unknown

By Eskanisa R

07 September 2020

Do not panic but never underestimate these symptoms.

Photo source: Kidspot
This life-threatening inflammation hits adults, kids, even babies. Meningitis is an inflammation of meniges or membranes around brain and spinal cord, as reported from Mayo Clinic. This inflammation caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites and other diseases can trigger the inflammation without any infection like cancer as well as certain drugs.
Weak immune system might increase the development of this inflammation. Because, immune system has a vital role to protect body from harmful things that enter our body from the outside. Meningitis caused by bacteria is more dangerous than caused by viruses. This because pneumococcal bacteria that lives in 10 percent of healthy people—infants, kids, and adults can causing death (especially in kids).
It has similar symptoms to the flu including headache, fever, and joint pain. While the infection begins to develop, adults will experience loss of appetite, stiffness on neck and back, light sensitivity, upper respiratory tract infection (sore throat), rash, vomiting and seizures, reported by MedlinePlus.
While infants and kids will showing excessive movements even being carried, loss of appetite, lump on top of head, nausea, vomiting, stiffness in all body and seizures. In spite of the fact that exact cause of this inflammation know yet, there is a strong suspicion that infection comes within and outside as well as a weak immune system.
Diseases caused this infection including herpes simplex virus (caused herpes in mouth and genital and commonly found in meningitis cases) and rubella (caused brain inflammation). Where the virus can be transmitted through contaminated food or drink, skin contact, insect bites or nasal fluids.
Besides, it also happens while someone has chronic health issue like HIV that causing a state of immunodeficiency (development of autoimmunity in normal body), as reported by Halodoc

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