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Easiest Homemade Milo Ice Cream with Three Simple Ingredients

By Eskanisa R

08 October 2020

Also perfect for ice cream sandwich filling.

Photo source: lutongbahayrecipe

Eating the same snack each day make you bored? This simple recipe from SerataFoods could be your perfect answer to quench your thirst.
300 grams heavy cream
120 grams sweet condensed milk
60 grams Milo
1. Mix Milo and sweet condensed milk in a mixing bowl.

2. Using another bowl, beat the heavy cream to medium – high speed until soft to stiff peaks (desired consistency) or until the texture is smooth and creamy. To get soft-to-stiff peak, ensure to increase the speed to high and beat until cooled to room temperature.
3. Use the same mixer, mix well the heavy cream with combination of Milo and sweet condensed milk at low speed for minutes to keep texture soft and creamy (not overmixing).
4. Pour all mixture into plastic container, refrigerate for four hours for dense, rich, and chewy in your mouth or you can you can serve immediately for creamy and soft texture.
5. Before served, simply top your ice cream with Milo sprinkle.

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