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Easy Croffle Recipe, Perfect Combo Croissant and Waffle for Pleasant Breakfast

By Eskanisa R

06 November 2020

Also perfect for dessert.

Photo source: Love Swah

You find it boring to eat the same menu for breakfast every day? We have a new, easy recipe for you. As the name implies, Croffle is a perfect combination of croissant and waffle you can enjoy in one bite. At first glance, it seems like common waffle, but taste-wise is a croissant that taste even more delicious with your favourite savoury or sweet toppings. Here is a super simple Croffle recipe as we summarized from Love Swah you can try immediately at home.
A plastic of frozen puff pastry (thawing)
1 ½ cups Nutella
1. Remove frozen puff pastry from freezer, let it sit at room temperature for awhile (until you can fold the edges).

2. Preheat your waffle machine.
3. Cut the end of puff pastry to the size of waffle machine, either rounds or rectangels.
4. Put two pieces of puff pastry in the machine, take a tablespoon of Nutella, spread well, cover with another two puff pastry sheets.
5. Cook for about five minutes or until croffles are golden brown and get crispy texture.
6. Repeat until you run out of puff pastry and Nutella.
7. You can also use fresh strawberries and powdered sugar as garnish. Enjoy while warm with a glass of milk!

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