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Easy Health Tips for Workaholics

By Eskanisa R

06 February 2020

Easy healthy tips for workaholic to follow.

Health is one of important things you need to take care of. It simply because with healthy body, you can do daily activities with no feel of exhausted or tired. For those who love their work-life so much, here are easy yet simple health tips to follow.

1. Drink Enough Water

This one will help you fulfil fluid needs on daily basis. Each person need different level of water. Hence, the best way to drink water is when you feel thirsty to keep your fluid balance.

Meanwhile after drink you need to go to bathroom immediately, drink water also helps you to get little bit up from your seat. Sit in a long time without break or stretching causing health problems such as pain in the neck and back.

2.  Breakfast

According to research, people who always eat their breakfast tend to have slimmer body. Along with that, breakfast helps you to focus as well as increasing productivity. Breakfast also keeps you from unhealthy snacking.

Choose healthy food like eggs, bananas, wheat bread or oatmeal for breakfast. It simply because those are contain protein, high fibre, and dense nutrition. Just avoid fast food, any kind of fast food for practical reasons.

3. Stretching

This one is important because workaholics usually do not have much free time to exercise. Do light stretching while sitting too long on your seat to increase blood circulation. If by any chance your office location near the home, you can take a walk from home to the office. While arriving at the office, take the stairs.

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