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Easy Money Saving Tips with Your UMR Salary

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20, August 2019

Most people agree no matter how much you earn money, daily needs are endless. In fact, people whose earn more than UMR (minimum monthly wages by Province) also have their own challenges to save some money. Is there still a ray of hope for people whose earn minimum wages? Definitely yes! Here is easy money saving tricks you need to know.

1. Gold Saving

Either developing countries or even super power countries in this world can’t beat the inflation. Inflation happens all time then comparing with money saving (in bank), gold saving will help you survive the inflation. If there is (gold) inflation, it won’t be last long. Moreover, gold saving is easy and inexpensive. You can visit Antam or nearest Pegadaian to join with Tabungan Emas. Like money saving in general, you save money in Antam or Pegadaian to buy gold. In other words, saving (buying) gold with instalments. Gold saving starts from Rp5.000 or a multiple of 0.01 gram.

2. Daily Needs

Every single day, you probably have to figure out how to spend money for food and transportation and there is no excuse to not save some money. If you are tired of working, take a little break time to prepare your meals for lunch at the office. No need for fancy meals, just the easy and tasty ones.

For example, you need to pay Rp20.000 for a meal at warteg or snack. With same amount of money, you can buy ingredients to make soup for Rp6.000, tempeh for Rp6.000 and 8 tofu (Rp1.000 per piece) for your breakfast, lunch and even dinner. It also applied for transportation, if you don’t have your own motorcycle, you can work with abundant promos of motorcycle taxies.

Besides take public transportations like commuter line, MRT or TransJakarta which cost cheaper, you can top-up online wallet provided by motorcycle taxies to get additional discounts.

3. Say No to Consumerism

Most people get blind with consumerism specially if they have money to purchase whatever they want not they need. This kind of lifestyle definitely unhealthy for your both financial and psychological. What should people do with that? Know your priorities! Needs are different with your wants, sometimes things that you want is not as that necessary. Always prioritizes your needs after payday. If you have extra money after pay your needs, you can pamper yourself with other things you want.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani