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Easy Steps of Viral Hot Chocolate Bomb for Cold Weather

By Eskanisa R

15 January 2021

Minuman lezat yang bisa dinikmati anak-anak.

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Besides eat soup during rainy day, sipping hot drinks can make you feel warmer as well. Here is easy step by step hot chocolate bomb have gon viral on TikTok we rounded up from @kathrynkatg that not only keep you warm but will also energized.
Chocolate bar to taste (cut and melted)
1 tbsp cocoa powder or chocolate milk powder
1 cup plain milk
1 tbsp marshmallow
1. For large bars of chocolate, chop it before melting. Having small pieces of chocolate ensure it will melt faster. You can melting chocolate with water bath method. Place a wide skillet with about one inch of water on a burner. Place chopped chocolate into a heatproof bowl, and set directly in the water. Bring water to a simmer, let chocolate sit until it’s melted then turn off the flame or simply using microwave if you have any. 

2. While melting chocolate, prepare round silicone mold, then spread melted chocolate on the mold, place in the freezer to harden.
3. Once chocolate harden, remove mold from freezer, repeat the step (spread another layer on top of harden chocolate) to ensure coating not to thin. Place them back in the freezer to harden.
4. Repeat the second and third steps to make whole sphere.
5. Remove all chocolate from mold, fill with marshmallow and cocoa powder or chocolate milk powder to taste.
6. Place remaining melted chocolate around the rim of one chocolate half and stick another chocolate half on top of it to form a whole sphere. 
7. Place them back in the freezer to harden.
8. While waiting for chocolate balls to harden, warm up milk. 
9. Remove all chocolate balls from the freezer, prepare a serving glass, pour hot milk then add your chocolate balls. Chocolate balls melt into warm milk and releasing a filling of ooey-gooey marshmallow and yummy cocoa powder or chocolate milk powder.

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