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Easy Ways to Cope with Stress and Worry amid Coronavirus Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

06 October 2020

These steps help to overcome anxiety and stress.

Photo source: Pixabay
Maintaining mental health during Coronavirus pandemic is as important as maintaining physical health. As positive cases of COVID-19 continue to climb, for some people this cause serious mental illness.
Requiring people to stay at home and away from others, family and friends, make them suffer. It is clear that keeping a safe space between yourself and others imposes a heavy burden and leads multiple mental health problems if not treated immediately. As reported from vary reliable resources, here are easy ways to cope with stress and worry during Coronavirus pandemic you can try as soon as possible.

1. Exercise
Exercise definitely have many benefits both for your physical and mental health. Try with the lightest exercise, basic yoga for example, check bunch of tutorials on the internet to find what fits you most. Improve your strength by work your way up to 30 minutes of exercise.

2. Keeping Busy
Keep yourself busy at home while in isolation mode. Find a new hobby. Hone your sewing skills, practicing instruments, fill-in puzzles, and other activities required your hands movements. It simple because, distraction can help keep your mind off anxiety and stress.

3. Stay in Touch
The internet and phones make you easier to stay in touch with family members and extended friends even co-workers. Making phone or video calls or texting them to ask their wellbeing during this pandemic. To feel a little calmer, do not hesitate to tell them if you feel uncertain of if you are feeling stressed right now. 

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