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Easy Ways to Get Your Dream Work after Layoffs

By Eskanisa R

25 September 2019

Easy ways to get your dream work after layoffs.

It is not that difficult to get a lot of information for job vacancies. Technology advances make it easier for job seekers to find out information they need, because a lot of recruiters also used internet to find potential candidates. There is no need to be worry if your dream job is everyone’s dream of job. Here are easy ways to get your job as soon as you got fired.

1. Expand Your Networking

When you are looking for new job by coming directly to companies, do not hesitate to get along with other job seekers. Because, it is possible for you to get information of your dream job through them and vice versa. Also, do not hesitate to ask your high school friends or even friends in university. If you still find difficulty, you can join to community of job seekers both online and offline.

2. Spread Online Applications

Online job vacancy sites such as LinkedIn, Glints, Kalibrr, Jobstreet and so forth are using internet to find their potential candidates. With this golden opportunity, you can send multiple applications at once while saving money, energy, and time.

3. Job Fair

Last but not least is job fair. Job fair has many advantages than other methods to find a new job because you can meet the HR directly. However, job fair requires you to spend a lot of time, money, and energy. Before coming to job fair, pay attention to every detail, from resumes to clothes. Print required documents and make multiple copies, don’t forget to bring soft copies and try to eat breakfast to keep yourself energized.

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