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3 Things to Improving Productivity

By Isny Dewi R

18 January 2021

Easy ways to help you be more productive.

Photo source: Pexels
Many people wish they could be diligent and productive. However, that wish was not easy to realize. In fact, we often procrastinate work and in the end, it actually makes the work pile up, so it is not completed properly. Not infrequently, that's where you feel resentful at yourself for wasting your time.
Psychotherapist Amy Morin, LCSW shares tips that can help you be more productive, reported from Verywell Mind.
1. Make a Time Diary
The first step you have to take is figure out where the time has gone. For example, for one week, make notes about what you have done during the day, every day.
Keep a diary with a span of 30 minutes. Then, write down what activities you do, whether it's eating, playing games, scrolling social media, working, or sleeping. On the weekends, check the time records.
"The notes might surprise you to realize there was a lot of time you didn't spend working," Morin said. In addition, you may find that you have free time that you are not doing anything. This is what ultimately makes work pile up and never finish.
"Managing your time can help you start becoming more aware of how to spend every precious minute," added Morin.
2. Create Ideal Schedule
After realizing where your time goes, create an ideal schedule for yourself. Determine the time you will spend eating, working, exercising, sleeping, watching TV, and other activities. Also set aside time to relax and take a rest.
"Determine how you are going to spend every 30 minutes," says Morin. The schedule that you have made may not be fully followed, because there may be other things you have to do outside of that schedule. But at least, the schedule can make your time management better.
3. Know Your Mood
To be a more productive person, you also need to know your mood by noting how you felt that day. When you notice that you are walking aimlessly, take the time to ask yourself how you are feeling.
"It's also possible that you find yourself feeling lonely and turn on the TV to help you feel better," says Morin. However, she cautioned, although looking at social media or watching TV can make you feel better, understanding your mood is much more important. This can help you find healthier ways to deal with boredom, such as finding a new hobby.

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