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Easy Ways to Make Your Promotion with Smartphone More Interesting

By Eskanisa R

16 December 2019

Make your promoting with smartphone more interesting with these simple ways.

Nowadays, smartphone becomes one of primary needs for both sellers and customers. Through small thing called smartphone, customers can easily find detail descriptions about products or services they needs. So, here are easy ways to market your business, attract them (customers) using only smartphone and of course your creativity.

1. Applications

Find the right applications to promote your business. For example Facebook, where you can upload images, videos as well as links as verification and bring other Facebook users to visit your sites (links).

Along with Facebook, to find new ideas of interesting content you can use Google Current one. This application has a magazine interface look alike which can be flipped from one to other pages. Google Current will give you content based on category (news or articles) you choose.

2. Attractive Caption

Most of social media users, Instagram, Facebook, and others tend to like short but meaningful captions. What is meaningful caption? Caption contains of useful information for any social media users. So, they have new ideas, insights, right after read your captions. Besides that, to increase engagement, you can also use your Instagram captions to ask questions. By asking for something, you engage your audience and strength your relationship with them.

It also aims to bait your followers to give comments on your uploading photos and videos. For example, you can upload two same products with different designs or colours and ask them “Which design or colour do you like most? Left or right one?”. If you find there are some people commenting, you need to reply them as soon as possible to build more intense conversation (engagement).

3. Hashtag

After write attractive caption, make sure you put some hashtag to make others (followers) easy to find the hashtag, like your uploading photos and videos even join in comment sections. When you are using hashtag or writing captions, also make sure there are typos. Always do double cross-check before uploading to deliver your massage to your followers. Do not forget to use emoji or emoticon as massage reinforcement.



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