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Eating Fried Chicken with a Choice of Indonesian Sauces and Sambal at a Seaside Restaurant

By Isny Dewi R

28 October 2020

Ayam Tepi Laut provides all-chicken menu with Indonesian sauces to covering the chicken, and chili sauces to add to its delicacy.

Photo source: Pexels
Have a plan where to go for this long weekend ? If you haven’t it, yet, we have interesting recommendation for you. How about going to Ancol, then tasting the all-chicken menu at Ayam Tepi Laut restaurant? Sounds fun, right?
This restaurant is located not far from Ancol entrance. Occupying spacious area and has two floors, Ayam Tepi Laut provides an indoor and outdoor area where you can eat while enjoying the atmosphere of Ancol beach.
Photo source: Instagram @atl.ancol
This restaurant in Ancol is actually not much different from other fast food restaurants. Because both offer crispy fried chicken and rice as the signature menu. The difference is that this restaurant provides various types of sauces to covering the chicken, and chili sauces to add to its delicacy.
All sauces at Ayam Tepi Laut are inspired by Indonesian specialties. You can choose from hot sauce, butter, curry, and pesmol. The most favorited is the curry and spicy sauce.
For spicy sauce, although it can make you sweat, this sauce can still be enjoyed. If you choose spicy sauce, you shouldn't need to order additional chili sauce. While the curry sauce is also delicious. It will taste better if you combine it with black chili sauce.
Apart from black chili sauce, of course there are other choices of chili sauce, including matah chili sauce, onion, green, red, and mango chili sauce. All the chili sauce menus at this restaurant are tasty and spicy. If you want to taste matah chili sauce, you better not adding your fried chicken with any sauce.
For those of you who don't want to eat rice, Ayam Tepi Laut also provides french fries as a substitute. Apart from fried chicken menu, this restaurant in Ancol also offers other menus such as Chicken Blackpepper, Chicken Cereal, Chicken Saltpepper, and chicken porridge.
So, if you go on vacation to Ancol, you can visit Ayam Tepi Laut restaurant to deal with your hungry stomach. Of course, don't forget to always comply with the applicable health protocols!

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Ayam Tepi Laut
Pantai Ancol, Pademangan, Jakarta Utara

Open Hours:

Setiap hari: 11.00 – 20.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 0858-8049-8850 (WA only)