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Ecomarine Mangrove Tourism, an Oasis in Muara Angke Neighbourhood

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24, July 2019

Another mangrove forest in Jakarta for those who want to escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Ecomarine Mangrove Tourism. Here, you will not find the slum and fishy smell that is usually attached to Muara Angke in North Jakarta. Yes, Ecomarine Mangrove Tourist is located in one of fishing settlements in Muara Angke. If you are confused, the location is not far from Kaliadem Harbor, about 10 to 15-minute walk.

You probably would not have thought if the area inhabited by more than 30,000 mangrove trees was once a land filled of garbage. These garbage are marine waste and dredging waste. So much garbage has piled up, until it became a land. Because of that, Muara Angke Mangrove Community took the initiative to 'transform' this place into a mangrove forest.

Risnandar as the head of the Muara Angke Mangrove Community said, every day this tourist area was visited by dozens of visitors who generally come is student. The green mangrove trees with bamboo street in the middle make this place look Instagramable. Not even a few couples do pre-wedding photo session here.

Not only mangrove forest, at Ecomarine Tourism Mangrove visitors can also enjoy Jakarta’s seaside atmosphere. If the weather is good, you can even watch the beautiful sunset here. The mangrove forest in Jakarta is also equipped with fish cultivation pond and reading garden.

Risnandar explained, the area is designed as an educational tourism spot. Visitors are free to come to Ecomarine Mangrove Tourism. Risnandar only advised to visitors to maintain the preservation and cleanliness of this 1.5 hectare tourist spot. He also hopes that DKI Provincial Government can make Ecomarine as one of tourist destinations in North Jakarta. Until now, Ecomarine Mangrove Forest is still managed by Muara Angke Mangrove community with the support of CSR funds from several companies.


Photo Source: antaranews.com

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.