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Economist Eyelash Extension with Beautiful Result

By Eskanisa R

17 March 2020

Nash, economist eyelash extension with beautiful result.

Besides being known as city that never sleeps, Jakarta also known as heaven for beauty clinics. There are a lot of beauty clinics in Jakarta including Nash Eyelash Extension. Eyelash considering as one of important parts must be taking care of to make whole appearance look perfect.

Then, eyelash extension becomes a perfect way to beautify the appearance of your eyelash in a blink of eyes. Nash known for its economist prices as well as best services. Until now, Nash has 6 branches in Gading Serpong, Pondok Indah, Muara Karang, Kemang, Bintaro and Green Lake.


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What makes Nash different from other eyelash extension salons? Nash using Novalash which known as best glue used by more than 40 countries in the world and claimed to be more sticky, waterproof, and sweat resistant.


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Nash provides three types of eyelash extensions at affordable prices start from Rp450.000. There are Aurora that gives you curved and length in the middle of the eyes, Cat Eyes with curved and length on the outside eyes, and Starlight with has curved and length in the entire eyelid.


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Lash material also available in three choices, Natural, Volume or Lightweight which has deep black colour. It guarantees you comfortable, weightless, and no need touch of eyeliner or mascara because it looks already perfect.


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It takes 3 weeks after first installation to retouch. To make it lasts longer, it is highly recommended to avoid eyeliner and mascara. Besides hard to clean especially the waterproof ones, eyeliner or mascara just worsen tangling and lash fallout.

Nash also provides other treatments including semi-permanent mascara, lash tinting, lash lifting and waxing. There is no reason to not come and get your best eyelash treatments at Nash! 



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