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Edensor Hills Villa, a Castle-style Resort with Stunning View

By Isny Dewi R

05 December 2019

Edensor Hills Villa & Resort has building design that resembles castles in Europe.

Until now Bogor is still a favorite holiday destination for Jakartans. In the city nicknamed as the rainy city, there are a lot of amazing natural attractions and spoil our eyes. The distance that is not too far from the capital is also the main reason why Bogor is always full of Jakartans during the holiday season. In addition, now there are more choices to stay in Bogor. One of them that is so popular is Edensor Hills Villa & Resort.

Seeing the photo above, you might have guessed, Edensor Hills Villa & Resort has building design that resembles castles in Europe. The name Edensor itself is taken from the name of a village in Derbyshire, England which is famous for its beauty. So don’t be surprised if the architecture of this villa in Bogor has Edensor village feel.

Located in Bojong Koneng village, Sentul, Bogor, Edensor Hills also offers stunning panorama of Mount Salak and Bidadari Falls located at Sentul Paradise Park. The atmosphere at this resort also feels cool and calm. Its strategic location also ease you to visit Mount Pancar.

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The room types at Edensor Hills Villa & Resort are divided into two, mansion and bungalow. The mansion type is more like a villa with castle-shaped building. The interior of the mansion is also made like a magnificent castle. Inside there are seven bedrooms, a private swimming pool, family room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Just as omplete as your home! This mansion is ideal for you who want to hold a family gathering. The fare starts from Rp 12 million.

For bungalow, the size is smaller and there is only one room. It is perfect for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon. The bungalow at Edensor Hills is also designed like castle. The room has a spacious balcony with an amazing view. Each bungalow is equipped with a bathtub, shower and full entertainment services such as free WiFi and cable TV. Rates offered starts from Rp. 2 million.

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In addition to providing mansion and bungalows to stay in a very comfortable atmosphere, this villa in Sentul also provides other entertainment facilities such as cafe & restaurant, deck view, sport area, to barbecue area. Those who like take pictures or selfies will be very spoiled during your stay here, because almost every corner at the resort is Instagramable. Very interesting, right?


Top Photo Credit: Instagram @edensorhills

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