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Edo Soetan Moeis The Owner of Dooke Barbershop

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04, January 2016

Barbershop business is now spreading big cities. Aware of gentlemen’s needs which is to look stylish and neat makes Edo Soetan Moeis dives in into this business. Check out Check In Jakarta’s interview with the owner of Dooke Barbershop below!

Can you tell us about the beginning of your establishment of Dooke Barbershop?

I like having a neat haircut. Besides that, I also like interior design. I notice that these days, many barbershops have unique design and also have services to help men to look good. Well, from there I learned about market target and what kind of services that has to be available in a barbershop. Finally, I build my own barbershop. The concept is more industrial urban. You can see from the colors of gray, white, brown, and more of natural basic and simple colors.

Why do you name your barbershop with Dooke? Is there any story behind this name?

I like formal things. Dooke itself came from the combination of my real name, which is Doourman with the word “Duke”, a title of English nobleman. That’s why it is named as Dooke (re: Duke) because Dooke has a neat, elegant, expensive, and gentlemen impression.

Can you tell us about the special things of Dooke compared to other barbershop?

First, its strategic location will make it is easy to be reached. Second, from service, Dooke want to ease the customers so they don’t have to walk to the washing station and back to the barber chair only to wash the hair. If the customer wants to wash his hair, enough with turning the chair. Because the washing station is right in front of the chair. Simple, right? Third, the massage is good! Hahaha… Usually our customers really like our barber man’s massage. Fourth, we also have creambath service that not all barbershop has. Besides that, this barbershop also equipped with Wi-Fi access.

Every business must have competition and risk. So, how do you deal with it?

The most important thing is that we know our specialty and uniqueness. For example, our great massage service and creambath treatment as our uniqueness.

Are you planning on opening a branch for Dooke?

There will always be a plan… But so far, I still focus on running and developing my business. I am also a new comer and just opened this barbershop for a month.

Name 3 things that have to be paid attention to for men’s look?

Every person must have different perspective. But for me personally, a man always has to looks fresh, has an original sense of fashion and don’t just follow other people, and also smart. Smart means a good manner and attitude. That’s all, I think.

How do you imagine yourself for the next 5 years?

My position now has to be more developed so me in the next 5 years will be more successful. But surely, I have to be settled in the next 5 years!

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief