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Educational Recreation for Kids at Kandank Jurank Doank

Educational Recreation for Kids at Kandank Jurank Doank

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Taking your kids for a recreation does not always have to go to a theme park or shopping for toys at shopping mall. It is better for you to take your kids to educational recreation place so your kids will also get the benefit. For an option, you can take your kids to Kandank Jurank Doank.

At first, this place was a creativity community established by a celebrity, Dik Doank, that aims to give free education for underprivileged kids around the neighborhood. But now, Kandank Jurank Doank can be enjoyed for all people. This is a place to gather, to share, and also for kids and parents to learn.

Located in Ciputat inside a residence with green and shady atmosphere, Kandank Jurank Doank has a place that merges with nature in green scenery and surrounded with green paddy fields. You will be surprised to be in such a green space in the middle of the hustle bustle of this capital city.

In this place, your kids can enjoy many outdoor activities such as wall climbing, flying fox, soccer, basketball, to plowing the paddy field. There are also multimedia room, library, playground, to stage that is usually used for singing, dancing, performing, and educational events.

You can also find Kandank Jurank Doank museum where you can see Dik Doank’s artworks. It is also possible if you want to enroll your kids to study here because it is open for public and definitely free!

There are many educational programs offered here, such as drawing, percussion, dancing, theatre, music, and many other classes. Take your kids to an outbound activity on Saturday and Sunday.

But before you come, it is better for you to call Kandank Jurank Doank first because this place is often booked for group activities. Several activity packages are also available here, complete with guidance from mentors. For more information, you can call Kandank Jurank Doank from info and contact detail column below.


Komplek Pondok Sawah Indah (Alvita) Blok Q No. 14, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia



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