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Educative Recreation at Ocean Ecopark

Educative Recreation at Ocean Ecopark

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Located on 34 hectares of land, Ocean Ecopark in the Ancol complex comes to facilitate an educative tourism attraction on an open green space that is environmentally friendly. Ocean Ecopark was made as a result to rather-functioned Padang Golf Ancol into a family tourism destination to explore knowledge about botanical and outdoor recreation. There are several zones here with different functions and facilities, such as Eco Care, Eco Nature, Eco Art and Eco Energy. In each of the zones, there are several attractions you can enjoy with family. There are outbound, energy house, bee house, canoe playing, paintball, eco-market, learning farm, bike rentals and Fantastique show.

At Ecopark area, there are various plants that have their own functions to for the environment. These various types can be such a complete and fun botanical lesson for kids. The many types of plants in Ecopark make the area greener and shady, so you don’t have to worry of getting sunburn here. The plenty of oxygen produced from the trees also make the air cooler and healthier. But although the Ecopark has many open space in it, pets are not allowed here. If you are looking for a green tourism with an adventurous experience, come to Ecopark!


Jl. Lodan Tim. No.7, Pademangan, Jakarta Utara 14430, Indonesia



Operational Hours

06.00 - 18.00