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Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Business

By Eskanisa R

19 November 2019

Effective strategies for beginners ones.

Are you interesting to run your own business in short time ahead? What kind of promotion strategies you have prepared? As we all know promotion is one of best way to make your brand known as well as developing products or services you offered to wider community. Promotion is the first thing to do right after you opened your business. So, here are effective strategies for promoting your business especially beginners ones.

1. Free Samples

If your business is engaged in selling products, this strategy believed to be effective to make your brand known. For example, you are running a cosmetic shop, an effective way to make your shop known is giving free samples of your products (cosmetics). Potential buyers will find out quality of your products (cosmetics) while they being impressed with service you provide.

2. Free Vouchers

Another effective strategies believed help your brand known is free vouchers. The more creative you are making vouchers, the more interested people (potential buyers) to purchasing your products. For example, you can give voucher worth for Rp50.000 for minimum purchase Rp150.000 and so forth.

3. Social Media

People are agree if social media help them to do promotion easily especially sellers ones. You can choose ones suit your needs, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so forth and build communication with potential buyers. Use interesting photos or videos which relevant with your products or services. Then ‘wrapped’ them with engaging captions to help them easily remember your brand.

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