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Local Brand That Goes Global

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
22, February 2016

For you mount climber or outdoor activities lover, you might be familiar with the brand Eiger. Yup! PT Eigerindo Multi Produk or known more by its trademark Eiger is an original Indonesian retail company that produces bags for outdoor activities. The owner, Ronny Lukito, came from Bandung, West Java. With his persistence, the name Eiger has been going international, known by its good quality. The name Eiger is taken from a mountain in Switzerland.

At first, Eiger was a small bag maker company owned by Ronny’s parents. Started with the will to help the family’s finance, Ronny had a dream to develop his parents’ business. With two simple sewing machines, Ronny produced bags and tried over and over to propose his products to be sold in a famous department store. Multiple times, his product was denied. It didn’t stop him though. He kept on trying until it was finally accepted and now it is widely sold.

Not only bags, Eiger also sells other equipments such as wallet and hand phone case. Other brands also marketed under the company’s name to follow the market’s segmentation, such as Exsport, Neosack, Bodypack, Nordwand, and many others.

After controlling the Indonesian market, Eiger also successfully dominating the markets in other countries such as Singapore, Lebanon, Philippines, and Japan. Each year, Eiger can produce up to 2 million bags with thousands of different designs. Every bag also has a specific function, according to the activity field and to suit the customer’s needs. Wow, it makes us proud!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono