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Elang Loji Sanctuary, Conservation Education for Eagles in Bogor.

By Eskanisa R

12 March 2020

Elang Loji Sanctuary, Conservation Education for Eagles in Bogor.

For those who often spending weekend in Bogor may already be familiar with name of Elang Logi Sanctuary. As the name implies, Elang Loji Sanctuary is not a common tourism spot. Managed by the Salak Resort 1 Mount Halimun Salak National Park Office (TNGHS), Elang Loji Sanctuary is a conservation-based educational tourism spot you should not miss.


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Here, you can enjoy Javanese Elang Wildlife Sanctuary (PSSEJ) and camping ground. All eagles here come from community around Salak Mountain and confiscated surrender. If you are lucky enough, you can eyewitness health check (physical condition) of those eagles. At least, there are seven types of eagles live and breed including Black Eagle, Javanese Eagle, Brontok Eagle, Bido Snake Eagle, Karat Belly Eagle, Jambul Eagle and Asia Sikep Madua Eagle.

There are also three different cages for rehabilitating eagles, Transit Cage, Rehabilitation Cage, and Display Cage. Visitors are only allowed to see eagles in Display Cage. Eagles in Display Cages are eagles can no longer be released due to various reasons such as disability, old, and so forth.


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While accompanied by officers, you can also learn details of eagles in Display cage. After strolling around PSSEJ, you can visit camping ground right over red bridge which is favourite spot for visitors to take selfies.

On the camping ground, you will be welcomed with a view of lush, beautiful, greenery pine forest. If you come early morning, you can feel fresher air. Elang Loji Sanctuary equipped with toilets, prayer room, garbage bins and road signs.

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Suaka Elang Loji
Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak (TNGHS), Bogor