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Empire Fit Club Offers Beginner Workout to Military Style

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15, November 2019

Along with the increasing public awareness of healthy lifestyle, fitness center or gym in Jakarta is now more and more and easily found. One of them which is currently quite popular is Empire Fit Club. This fitness center offers a different workout experience.

You could say Empire Fit Club is a pioneer for the gym with a military-style workout concept. This boutique fitness facility was founded by Elbert Tiwa, a former United States Marine, professional CrossFit athlete, as well as an Indonesian Under Armor athlete and ambassador.

Known for its bootcamp workout program, Empire Fit Club presents group workouts guided by instructors just like soldiers who are training. This program is ideal for you who like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This fitness boutique in Jakarta offers a full body workout using tools such as battle ropes, kettlebells, to Assault AirRunner to test your skills.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of fast and intense workouts, you don't need to worry! Although the main concept is military-style workout, Empire Fit Club now also presents other types of exercise. In addition to bootcamp, there are also bodyweight training, obstacle courses, strength training, circuit training, cardio, and yoga. That is one reason why this boutique fitness uses the word "Empire", not "Military".

Photo Credit: Instagram @empirefitclub

Not only that, Empire Fit Club also has coaches with different backgrounds, as well as flexible and methodological programs. The coaches also monitor the needs and development of each member. This is in line with the mission of Empire Fit Club that wants to inspire and encourage people to take control of their lives through fitness in a unique, fun, and effective way.

At present, Empire Fit Club already has several branches in Jakarta and Bali. In Jakarta, you can visit it in Zone 7 GBK. Despite having branches, Empire Fit Club in Jakarta and Bali have different segments. Jakartans are considered to still need a lot of education about fitness, which is why the training process offered tends to be step by step so members can achieve their fitness goals. Another case in Bali, where members tend to want to find a different experience.

So do not be surprised if the beginner class can only be found at Empire Fit Club Jakarta, considering the fitness center is more focused on bootcamp and functional training. On the contrary, Empire Fit Club Bali is deliberately designed as a fitness destination in accordance with the general goal of people coming to Bali is for holiday and to enjoy the beauty of nature. In Bali, they are more focused on bootcamp and retreats, that's why accommodation is also provided, so Empire Fit Club members can workout and blends with nature.


Photo Credit: Instagram @empirefitclub

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.