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En Dining Serves the uniqueness of Okinawan Cuisines

By Isny Dewi R

17 June 2019

En Dining Japanese Restaurant serves Okinawa specialties.

If usually Japanese restaurants in Indonesia are designed separately with their specific themes. Another case with En Dining, where a variety of Japanese favourites are available in one place. In Jakarta, you can find at Plaza Indonesia and Senayan City. The concept that wants to be brought by En Dining is the distinctiveness of Japanese cuisines in modern dining moment which is clearly seen from its interior design which carries a slightly flirty eclectic style. En Dining Japanese Restaurant serves Okinawa specialties.

The main concept of En Dining is adapted to the word "En" which means "circle" in Japanese. Because of that, this Japanese restaurant offers a place that can be used as a meeting point with an elegant, comfortable and calm atmosphere. En Dining can be the right place for holding family gathering, birthday party, casual meeting and other special events.

En Dining provides several types of rooms including Tatami Rooms, Sushi Counter, VIP Room, and Dining Area. All rooms are divided into smoking and non-smoking areas. The restaurant can accommodate up to 150 guests.

For those who want to experience a challenging culinary experience, you should try Goya Champur (IDR 80,000). This menu consists of bitter melon stir-fry with beef sausage and white tofu. For your information, people in Okinawa really like bitter melon which is processed in such a way and does not feel so bitter. Or you can try Kubu Chahan (Rp. 115,000) which is spicy fried rice with stuffed chicken and seaweed. This food is a favourite comfort food of Okinawan who usually eat at breakfast until lunch.

Photo Source: @endiningjkt

This Japanese restaurant in Jakarta also offers delicious salads which can be the right choice for healthy eating. Some worth a try are Shirauo Salad (Rp. 155,000) with boiled sweet corn and a sprinkling of savory ice fish, and Wakame Salad (Rp. 95,000) with a mixture of shredded young sardines and seaweed.

If you come with your group, you can choose Sukiyaki package. There are four types of beef offered, US Ribeye (IDR 465,000), Aus Wagyu Ribeye (IDR 675,000), Agyu Striploin Aus (IDR 575,000), and Aus Shortplate (IDR 385,000). Each is served with vegetables and a complementary menu that is certainly delicious.


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En Dining
Plaza Indonesia Level 3, Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:

Setiap hari: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021-2992-4153