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Encourage Children to Have Great Imagination with Kampung Dongeng

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
24, January 2020

Kampung Dongeng is a movement initiated by Moch Awam Prakoso also known as Kak Awam since May 18, 2009 as social activity as well as ideal place to encourage children to have great imagination through story telling.

As the initiator of Kampung Dongeng, Kak Awam going around Indonesia to spread great vibes through story telling. He has a great chance to meet a lot of children, from cities, villages, who live in border line also remote areas. He also meet children at the hospitals and shelter (right after natural disaster happened).

This movement was welcomed by various groups who join Kampung Dongeng as volunteers for Dongeng untuk Anak Indonesia (story telling for all Indonesian children). The great appreciations from them makes Kampung Dongeng grow bigger. Until now, Kampung Dongeng has more than 60 branches spreading in various regions with more than 250 volunteers who ready to tell interesting stories.

One of interesting activities you should join while visiting Kampung Dongeng is Pekan Kampung Dongeng which hold every week and filled with games, story telling time, and workshop for children.

Along with child’s workshop, Kampung Dongeng also hold National Workshop every three months (for 3 – 7 days) to give new insights and materials for volunteers who join with Kampung Dongeng.

Other activities you need to follow are Kado (Kampung Dongeng) Jelajah Negeri (Kado goes around Indonesia), Kado Keliling Kampung (Kado goes to around village), Field Trip di Kado, Kemah Dongeng, Kado Craft (DIY projects) and Kado Peduli Sesama (charity).

Kampung Dongeng open for everyone who want to join as volunteers and everyone who want to encourage their children to have great dreams through story telling on weekends. Click here to keep update with latest information of Kampung Dongeng.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani