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Endorsement A New Way to Advertise Your Product

Endorsement A New Way to Advertise Your Product


In online world nowadays, you might be already familiar with a word ‘endorsement’. Literally, endorsement means a testimonial or opinion given by someone to other person. But in online world, especially online shop, endorsement means to give product to a celebrity or other users that have many followers. This activity is often seen on social media such as Instagram.

At first, the online shop owner will try to contact a celebrity to offer their product for free. The artist then will take picture with the product given, and then post it to Instagram with interesting caption. The caption is usually about how the artist loves the product and suggests the followers to buy it on the online shop.

Sounds easy, right? But not every celebrity on Instagram agree to be endorsed. Some have expensive charge for each endorsement photo they posted. But this thought to be promising and effective way for the online shop owners to promote their product. Because when the endorsed celebrity uploads one photo with the products, the followers for the online shop will increase. Moreover, if the product is liked by many people, they will directly buy it. That’s why, many online shop owners like to pay more for the celebrity to increase their market chance.

This can also be an alternative for celebgram (the nickname for popular people in Instagram world) to get income. The social media which used to be for a socialization place is now also a place for business.