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English First Presents Free Online Learning Program

By Isny Dewi R

20 April 2020

Several online learning programs from English First that are open for public for free.

In the midst of a pandemic like today, we are asked to do various activities from home, including studying. Even if you don't go outside, your child can still hone their foreign language skills. You can take advantage of free English learning facilities online from English First (EF). There are several online learning programs that are open for public for free.

1. EFSET (>14 year-old)
The program will assess the results of children's abilities based on the level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language). Of course, EFSET also has international standards that are recognized throughout the world. Children can even receive an official certificate shortly after they take the test.

2. EF Junior Test (ages 8-13 years)
For children aged 8-13 years, they can take EF Junior Test to measure their English skill. This test is 30 minutes long and consists of four listening tests and five reading tests. Children only need to do well all tests according to the time specified to see the extent of their English skills.

3. Efolklore (ages 4-13 years)
In collaboration with Kastari Animation, EF released Indonesian folk tales in an animated series titled EFolklore. The series has an introduction in English, so children can listen to their favorite stories while learning vocabulary and pronunciation in English.

There are many folklore they can watch in Efolklore series, from Bawang Merah Bawang Putih which teaches humility and patience, to the story of Malin Kundang who gave a message about the importance of serving parents.

4. EF Adventure to Letterland (ages 3 - 10 years)
Want to learn vocabulary from A to Z in a fairy tale before sleeping that contains funny creatures from a unique land? Then, your kids should follow the adventure in EF Adventure to Letterland! Through this program, children will meet a variety of funny characters when following adventures in Letterland, a wonderful magical world full of mystery.

Children can also meet new friends while exploring this colorful world. Like helping the Ant who is sick, or meet with a Mermaid who will take them to the treasure cave.

5. EF English 24/7 (>18 years)
This program is present in a free mobile app containing learning English through videos that reflect everyday life. This app can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store.

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