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Enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine at the Luxury of Oso Ristorante

By Isny Dewi R

04 February 2020

Oso Ristorante focus on Puglia seafood specialties, made with selected ingredients.

Jakarta is a paradise for luxury restaurant seekers. In this metropolitan city you will never run out of ideas to enjoy delicious dishes in a luxury. One of them that you should go to is Oso Ristorante. Formerly known as Gaia by Oso Ristorante, this fine dining offers authentic and contemporary Italian dishes.

Located in Altitude, The Plaza, Central Jakarta, Oso offers a more luxurious and romantic atmosphere compared to Gaia, with crystal chandeliers, dim lights and beautiful city views from the 46th floor.

Focus on Puglia seafood specialties, feel the soul of Italian cuisine made with selected ingredients, full attention to details and served with the warmest hospitality from the heart. Starting from the choice of authentic pizza, artisanal handmade pizza, Oso handmade pasta, and a variety of Italian cheeses in a special cheese room to experience a distinctive Italian feel.

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For cheese lovers, you should try the delicious Mixed Cheese Plate (Rp. 160 thousand / Rp. 280 thousand to share). This menu comes with eight types of cheese and celery, red radishes, honey, bread chips, and raisins as companion. Cheeses are arranged in a special order from those with the mildest to the strongest. This will provide a dining experience like in their home country.

Coming to an Italian restaurant feels less if you don't taste the pizza menu. At Oso, you should try Uni Crab Burrata Pizza (Rp. 380 thousand). The combination of burrata, crab and uni cheese that gives a unique and delicious taste of course. The Uni tastes melted in your mouth when you eat the pizza. The taste of mozzarella from burrata cheese is also felt, as well as the crab.

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The next menu that you should also order is Ravioli Pasta Fresca Homemade (Rp. 160 thousand). Homemade pasta dough is beautifully made with an extraordinary texture, filled with savory beef mousse and creamy cheese fondue, mushroom, and shiny 24K gold topping on it. Everything about this menu just tastes balanced with the right portion.

To complete your dining experience, sommelier at this Jakarta's fine dining will introduce you to the extensive Oso wine list selection, including more than 200 wine labels from 60 different regions in Italy, as well as classic Italian liqueurs and cocktails.

For dessert, you can try Panna Cotta (Rp. 75,000), a combination of vanilla flan and Caramelize Pineapple with a perfect sweet taste and soft texture in the mouth. Alternatively, you can taste Crostata (Rp. 75,000) which is so tempting with delicious chocolate tarts, crispy crust and melted in the middle, and vanilla gelato.

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Oso Ristorante
The Plaza Office Tower, Lantai 46, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30, Jakarta Pusat

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Setiap hari: 11.00 – 15.00 WIB & 18.00 – 23.30 WIB

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Phone: (021) 29922448 / 0878-7556-4758 (call / WA)