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Enjoy Delicious Cake in Girly Vibes at Exquise Patisserie

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11, October 2019

Menteng area is a paradise for sweets lovers. The reason is, the area in the center of the city is also home to a tiny cafe with very delicious pastry. The cafe is called Exquise Patisserie which you can find in Rumah Cokro area.

Although only occupying a small room, but this place offers a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. The interior is designed girly nuanced. Before entering into it, you will be amazed by the colorful flowers that adorn the door of the cafe and some beautiful tables and benches. While on the inside, the interior is dominated by shabby chic-themed furnitures. As you can guess, this pastry cafe is certainly Instagramable.

Not far from the door, your eyes might immediately be fixed on the glass display window filled with various cakes so tempting. Interestingly, the names of Exquise Patisserie's cakes sound like people's names, like Emilie, Pierre, Antoinette, Chloe, Dominique, and many more.

Photo Source: Instagram @exquisepatisserie 

The best selling cakes here are Emilie and Pierre. Emilie (Rp. 45,000) is a cake made of delightful mango mousse with coconut dacquoise, layered with vanilla chantilly cream, dulce de leche, and ginger mango marmalade. Whereas Pierre (Rp. 55,000) is a signature cake made of 60% Belgian dark chocolate mousse with flourless sponge cake, get surprised by the passion fruits crud inside and hazelnut praline crisp inside.

Exquise Patisserie sets the price of the cakes from Rp. 35,000 to Ro. 65,000 for individual cakes. As for the price of whole cakes ranging from Rp 200 thousand to Rp 2.6 million with any sizes and shapes.

If you also want to taste the salty food, you should try Smoked Beef Quiche (Rp 45,000). The quiche is quite big with soft textured filling. The mixture tastes creamy and has a strong cheese flavor. The taste is even better because there are smoked beef slices and champignon mushrooms.

So that your throat does not drag, order Coffee Avocado (Rp. 5,000. This drink is a mixture of espresso, white chocolate, fresh avocado, and milk. It is not too sweet with a typical creamy texture of avocado juice. Bitter from espresso still tastes a bit, so also with the avocado juice Perfect balance! There are also other drinks that are no less refreshing and worth a try.



Top Photo Source: Instagram @exquisepatisserie 

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.