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Fine Dining
Fine Dining

Enjoy French Cuisine in the Classic Atmosphere of Lume Restaurant

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06, May 2019

To enjoy special moments with your loved ones, Jakartans prefer to choose a cosy place with a different atmosphere and special dishes. One option that should not be missed is the Lume Restaurant & Lounge located in Senopati neighbourhood, South Jakarta, which is ready to make your dining moment more memorable.

This Italian and French casual restaurant was founded by Executive Chef Nicola Mondelli, Collaborating with architect Andika Japa Wibisana from A & Partners, Mondelli designed Lume and made his dream come true. Japa chooses to make a design with a classic touch.

Photo Source: @lumejakarta 

At the entrance area, you will see the unsightly display of classic European murals. Not only that, in other corner there is also a geometric side combination with anime and art nouveau decorations. While inside, there is a dining area and on the second floor there is a lounge & bar spot with a more relaxed atmosphere. It's more fun because every Tuesday, Lume will also entertain their guests with live music.

For special meals, the Italian chef created European-style fusion dishes. One of them is Spicy Scallop Tagliatelle which is served with Asian moon scallops and chili oil. There is also a Meatball Fondue served with black angus beef balls and served with creamy cheese and parmesan tuille. With special dishes and atmosphere they have to offer, Lume Restaurant is also perfect for iftar with your loved ones or friends.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.