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Enjoy German Comfort Food at Mama's German Restaurant

Enjoy German Comfort Food at Mama's German Restaurant

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Known as a legendary authentic German Restaurant in Legian, Bali, which has been exist since 1983, Mama’s German Restaurant opened their branch in Kembangan area, West Jakarta, on December 2016, after previously open the first branch at Summarecon Mall Serpong.

As its name, Mama’s which means moms, this restaurant offers German comfort food as the main menu. The owner itself is a German.

Not only can be seen from the architecture, the signature of German restaurant nuance also can be seen from their round shape sofas with wood table at the indoor area, big chandeliers with warm lighting, bar area with wine and beer collection, as well as dart machine as one of their entertainment. With open kitchen concept, you can also see live cooking from the expert.

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Although they targeted expatriates as their main market target, but most of visitors are family. Calm and cozy ambience, also big portion they serve can be shared, are the reasons why they choose Mama's.

After talking about the restaurant concept, what about the food? Mama’s was just launch their new menu, one of them is Chef Platter (Rp 599.000,-), this menu offers you 2 Krakauer Sausages, 2 Nuremberg Sausages, 2 Thuringian Sausages, and 2 Swiss Sausages, 1 meat loaf with sunny-side up, 500 gr spare ribs, 1000 gr pork knuckle with homemade Sauerkraut, mashed potato, and pan fried potatoes. In Germany, pork knuckle is a common food.

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The big portion of platter can be enjoyed for 4-5 people. That's why it is perfect to invites your family to dining together at this restaurant.

Another Mama's new menu is Family Sausage Platter (Rp 341.500,-). This all-sausage platter can be enjoyed for 3 people, which is consists of 3 beef cheese Krainer Sausages, 2 Thuringian Sausages, chicken snail sausage, 2 Debrecener Sausages, 4 Nuremberg Sausages, and french fries among a bunch of sausages.

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All sausages at Mama’s German Restaurant are homemade. The process itself done in Bali. So, the sausages here are fresh guaranteed.

For the drinks, if you don't like alcohol, you can choose Mango Smoothies (Rp 35.500,-) taste so fresh and perfect with your platter.

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You are lucky if you come on Friday or Saturday night, because Mama’s will also entertain you with live music performances and it will makes you more appetizing.

Welcoming Christmas, this restaurant offers you “Christmas Buffet Dinner 2017”promo which can be used on Monday, 24 December from 19.00 – 22.00 WIB. With only pay for Rp 350.00 ++, you can enjoy special all you can eat German buffet dinner and get free flow beer (Bali Hai or Heineken). You can call this number 021-583 583 to registration and make a reservation, because it is limited.

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This long weekend can be the perfect time to visit Mama's German Restaurant. Before you come, we recommend you to make a reservation first for your comfort!


http://www.bali-mamas.com PX Pavilion, Kembangan Selatan, Kembangan, Jakarta Barat



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