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Enjoy Mesmerizing Scenery of Bogor from Alesano Hill

By Eskanisa R

07 February 2020

Enjoy mesmerizing scenery of Bogor from above Alesano Hill.

It might be true, you will not run out of the ideas while fining best vacation spots in Bogor. If by any chance, you are decided to come to Bogor this weekend, you can try glamor camping also known as glamping at Alesano Hill.

Located in Desa Cipelang, Cijeruk, Bogor, accessing this Instagrammable hill is a piece of cake. You only need to drive for an hour from Bogor through paved road even from the parking area you need to get through short rocky road.

It would be great if you come here after sunset to see mesmerizing scenery of Bogor from above the hill. It is like decorative Christmas tree with a lot of colourful lights wrapping every inch of its body. From here, Bogor looks like a beautiful sky full of sparkling stars.

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If you do not want to stay overnight, you can come in the afternoon. During raining season like this, Bogor looks covered with thick fog, so it feels like you are standing above the clouds. There is also viewing post built on the edge of the cliff. If you come by the sunset time, the viewing post becomes prima donna to take beautiful selfies.

You only need to pay entrance ticket for Rp10.000 per person and parking fee for Rp10.000. But, if you want to stay overnight you should pay extra fee for Rp15.000 per person. Make sure you bring the identity before come here, specifically young ones or unmarried couples who want to stay overnight together.



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