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Enjoy the Beauty of Sunflowers Field at Arumdalu Farm

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
23, November 2018

Don’t have to go away to Jogja if you want to enjoy the beauty of sunflower field. You only have to 45 minutes drives from Jakarta to Scientia Square Park area, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, where you can find a 5-hectare park with mini farms in it, one of those is sunflower field named Arumdalu Farm. Yes, the farm is in Scientia Square Park.

At this 2.500 m2 farms, you will not only get spoiled with a farm full of beautiful sunflower, but you can also learn about farming and take some photos as much as you want. Because all plants here styled so neat and lovely. But the most favourited spot still its sunflowers field.

There are so many sunflower periodically planted, so they can blooming every time. From its nursery, sunflower normally aged until three months, and only blooming for only one month. So, if some sunflowers no more blooming, then there will be other sunflowers blooming and replace it.

Sunflowers here come with various size, some have only five centimetre of petals diameter, but there are also sunflowers with diameter up to 20 centimetre. Those diameter depends on seedlings, nature condition, to what fertilizers they use. Arumdalu Lab also keep trying looking for the best way to treat sunflowers, so they can produce the best sunflowers.

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The best time to take photos here is when the daylight fade into the night, when the blue sky turns into orang sky. Aside of the shady ambience, colourful farm, blooming sunflowers, and the not-so-shiny skies are the perfect combination to be photographed with your camera.

The place now has been visited by so many people, many millennials who love to make OOTD photos come here. Of course they want to use the beauty of blooming sunflowers to taking pictures. For those wanting take some pictures at Arumdalu Farm, we have some tricks for you. Make sunflowers as your foreground and background of your photos. It will makes you look like you are in the middle of the farm surrounded by blooming sunflowers.

If you want to visit this place and feel the fun of harvest sunflowers or just want to enjoy the beauty of Arumdalu Farm, you can go to Scientia Square Park with ticket priced at Rp 50.000 on weekend, and Rp 25.000 on weekdays.


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.