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Enjoy the Delicacy of Yum Cha at Sari Laut Jala Jala

Enjoy the Delicacy of Yum Cha at Sari Laut Jala Jala

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For you who have just heard about yum cha, this is a Chinese tradition to have a cup of tea or brunch tea. But, having a yum cha tea time is usually accompanied by dim sum as the complementary dish. Well, if you want to have yum cha with family or friends, you can try it at Sari Laut Jala Jala.

This restaurant serves fusion food of Medanese and Chinese. They also have dim sum menu starting from the steamed one to the fried one. Xiao Long Bao, Ha Kaou, Siomay, Cheong Fen, Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu, and Pangsit Udang Mayonnaise are just some of the menus that you have to try. If you want to fulfill your tummy more, there are also other menus such as noodle, kway teow, rice, congee, to beef dishes. Sari Laut Jala Jala also serves vegetarian menu. Starting from sharing to single portion are available here.

If it’s your first time dining here, you will be surprised with the number of the waiters that serve you. Yup! It’s one of the plus sides of Sari Laut Jala Jala which is to give fast service and they won’t let the customers wait long for the ordered food. They also give friendly service that will make you feel like king.

After enjoying lines of delicacy from Sari Laut Jala Jala, don’t be too hurry to pay until you taste their desserts. Starting from Singkong Thailand, Jelly Buah, Puding Mangga, until the one that you can’t miss is the Pancake Durian. Hmm… you will definitely want to come back for more! You don’t have to worry because this restaurant serves halal food. Enjoy the feast!


Kuningan City, Lantai 3, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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