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Enjoyable Burger in Heavy Metal Atmosphere

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
16, November 2018

You might be familiar with a common concept, eating tasty burger while enjoy popular music, how about this one, enjoy a very tasty burger in a place that gives you distinguish atmosphere with black colour and metal music? Are you interested to give a try? Then you should visit Lawless Burgerbar in Kemang, South Jakarta. This burgerbar is the newest company of Lawless Jakarta which also known as owner of Lawless Store (clothing line), Lawless Garage (bike modification) and Lawless Tattoo.

Check In Jakarta had the great opportunity to visit most talked about burger in town, Lawless Burgerbar. We welcomed by sous chef of Lawless Burgerbar, Gilang. This one year old burger joint which has heavy metal vibes initiated by Indonesia heavy metal band, Seringai.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc. 

From the outside, this place has a metal atmosphere, with all black colours as well as the inside area. Indoor area of Lawless Burgerbar also decorated with heavy metal rock music stuffs along with domination of super black colour. Even their staffs wearing black shirt and also applies for its music. 

All dishes named after metal band and title of the song, such as The Lemmy (Lemmy Kilmister, vocalist and bassist of Motorhead), Sabbath Burger (British rock band, Black Sabbath), Motley Burg (American heavy metal band, Motley Crue), Enter Sandwich (named after Metallica song “Enter Sandman”) and Dog Nasty (American hardcore melodic band, Dag Nasty).

According to Gilang, The Lemmy which costs for Rp125.000 is a best seller because of its portion, you can even share the burger with your friends. “But, you can enjoy The Lemmy yourself.” The Lemmy consists of double juice patty, beef bacon, heaps of brisket and sunny side up egg with homemade patty.

Dog Nasty (Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.)

We more interested in tasting hot dog and vegetarian burger, Dog Nasty and Joey Bellodonna. We are quite curious what makes this Dog Nasty taste so different. It consists of beef bacon, bratwurst, teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo, heaps of katsuobushi and garlic chips. The wasabi mayo adds a little heat but is not overpowering. Kastuobushi perfectly melted with bratwurst and beef bacon. It tastes more exciting while we add some jalapeno pickles, sour, spicy, at the same time. With those stuffs, a portion of Dog Nasty can make you full.  

For next dish, we tried vegetarian burger, Joey Bellodonna (named after vocalist of trash metal band Anthrax). This one is the newest menu consist of grilled Portobello mushroom, caramelized onion, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and chimichurri dressing. The bun is a bit sweeter than other bun and also soft yet dense.

Joey Bellodonna (Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.)

Along with burger and hot dog, Lawless Burgerbar also serving signature side dishes, include Judas Fries (named after British heavy metal band, Judas Priest), Jalapenostic Front, Stryper and Splatterthrash. As the burgerbar name implies, this one also offering alcohol to complete your dish, want to try?

Instagram: @lawless.burgerbar

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani