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Enjoyable Waxing at Honeypot Wax Boutique

Enjoyable Waxing at Honeypot Wax Boutique

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There is no beating around the bush, waxing is a painful, yet crucial, beauty regiment in these warm climates. If you are the one who love waxing in salon, you may ever heard about Honeypot Wax. The beauty center Singapore is waxing specialty salon. Here, you can  clear all smooth hair on your face, body or your intimate area.

Come to Honeypot, the first impression you will get when you see from outside is private. The private impress comes from the not too bright lamp. When you get into the room, pinky decoration with elegant feminine nuance looks beautify the whole room.

Honeypot provides four rooms for customers to get their treatment selections. Each room has its own key so you can feel relax and not disturbed by other customers.

Honeypot pay attention to the room sanitation and equipment they used. Towels and scissors for treatment put on special cabinet to keep it sterile. The use of stripes, spatula, gloves, and mask, also used for only once. Honeypot is for women only and not allows men to keep your comfort.

Photo Source: http://www.honeypot.co.id/jakarta

From the whole treatment, Brazillian Wax is the favorite one. They offer it in various shape, it is up to you. You can choose Basic Bikini, The-In Between, Butterfly, Hollywood, Playboy, and L'Amour. Playboy is the most selected shape, because for women it is just looks sexy.

They use products for waxing sent from Singapore and not sale in any market place. Honeypot's waxing products can lift all dead skin cells and painless. The smooth hair will return but in a long time, and it grows smoother.

Waxing at Honeypot also can brighten your skin. The more you waxing, the brighter your skin will be, the less your smooth hair grows.

Talk about the price, Honeypot offers from Rp 120.000 for underarms waxing to Rp 1.150.000 for removing all smooth hair in your body. While for Brazillian Wax, the price ranged between Rp 140.000 to Rp 390.000.


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