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Enjoying Balinese Dish at Le Seminyak

Enjoying Balinese Dish at Le Seminyak

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Being in Jakarta does not mean you cannot enjoy Balinese food. Come to Cipete, where Le Seminyak is serving the dishes from the Island of Gods, such as Sate Lilit (twist satay), Bebek Betutu (bebek: duck), and Plecing Kangkung (water spinach cooked in plecing sauce). Or you can choose Balinese Mixed Rice.

It consists of steamed rice, sate lilit, Balinese balado egg, grated coconut, peanuts, and three types of sambals—including the refreshing and tasty Balinese sambal matah. You can choose other mixed rice menu such as Betutu Chicken, Fried Duck, Empal (fried beef), Seafood, or Vegetables. For the steamed rice you can change the white rice with yellow rice or red rice.

The restaurant is designed with Balinese touch in all of its corners. The pillars covered with Balinese black and white checkered cloth, while the wooden tables and chairs are decorated with orange cushions.

The place is big enough for you to hold a family gathering or hangout with friends. The parking lot is spacious so it’s easy to park your car here. Spacy and cozy!


Jl. Cipete Raya No. 3, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



Operational Hours

10.00 - 22.30