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Enjoying Cake & Tea Time at Cacaoté

Spectr News Theme Rachelle Kandou
03, December 2015

Dessert and patisserie are the menus favored by many people. No wonder cake and patisserie shops are spreading around Jakarta. Hangout culture has been a part of this big city’s lifestyle. But what would a tea time do without delicious cakes? Departing from this tea time idea, Cacaoté was born.

Macam-macam kue di Cacaote. Photo source: Instagram (@cacaote).

Cacaoté offers many choices of cakes and patisseries, and beverages menu such as tea, coffee, and other refreshments. You can enjoy the tea time starting from 3-5 pm everyday here. While enjoying the tea you can order cakes such as Textures of Chocolate, Berry Mille-Feuille, Mango Banana Caramel, or Sphere.

If you are a fan of chocolate, you must love Texture of Chocolate. If you want fresh ones, try the sweet and sour Berry Mille-Feuille or Mango Banana Caramel that can spoil your tongue. While Sphere is a ball-shaped chocolate with the content amix of Cointreau, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chantilly, chopped caramelized nuts and chocolate cremeux. But Salted Caramel Éclair, Cacaoté Signature Éclair, and Matcha Opera Cake are the must-try cakes if you come here. It really makes you relaxed while enjoying a cup of tea. You can also enjoy their other appetizer and main course menus such as salad, soup, steak to vegetarian food. Perfect!

Rachelle Kandou
Rachelle Kandou