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Enjoying Dog-shaped Cake at C for Cupcakes

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22, November 2018

A few months ago, Instagram had been horrendous by those adorable, almost too lifelike ice cream “puppies” from The J. C. Co Art Kitchen, a café in Taiwan. But you don’t have to go away to Taiwan if you have curiosity about that “puppies” and want to try, because you can find it in Jakarta. But instead of ice cream, the puppies are made of mousse cake. You can find them at C for Cupcakes.

The café is located in Pluit area, North Jakarta. Aside cakes, C for Cupcakes also offers various coffee and non-coffee beverages, as well as a few food selection like rice and noodle. The café not just offering cute cake, its interior design is aesthetically eye pleasing and very Instagrammable with earth tone colour, rattan ornaments, swing and dried flowers. No wonder it becomes a favourite OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) spot.

And here it is, the most awaited, Bulldog Mousse, the realistic looking doggy cake. It has nice details in it, at glance it looks like dog display ornament instead of cake. Since it has tricky shape and hard to make, C for Cupcakes serves it in limited amount every day. If you want to try this adorable dog-shaped cake out, you better come early before it sells out.

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You may feel eating this Bulldog Mousse is so wrong since it looks so cute, but the dark chocolate mousse cake actually has pretty good taste. The texture is soft smooth and has interesting crunchy in the middle with rich bitter sweet chocolate taste. You will not feel sorry for eating the cake, it is enjoyable as well and worth trying!

Aside Bulldog Mousse, there is also another cute cake, Rabbit Pie. Basically it’s a lemon curd pie topped with yoghurt based mousse topping, so you will get a nice sweet and sour taste. The tart shell is also nicely made, buttery and slightly crunchy.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.