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Enjoying Elegant Dishes at Bunga Rampai

Enjoying Elegant Dishes at Bunga Rampai

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Talking about food is a never-ending topic. Everybody wouldn’t refuse delicious meals. Especially when it is served in an elegant and cozy place. It will be such a plus point. Now there is a fine dining restaurant in Menteng area named Bunga Rampai. Here, you can enjoy delicious meals in a classic, elegant and classy nuance. The dish they serve is Indonesian food. You can try all the tasty meals, from appetizers to desserts.

For appetizer, you can start with Putik Sari Dua Rasa, which is chicken and fillet dory fish, fried until crunchy and covered with mango and kecombrang sauce. Or try the Salad Kecipir that is sweet and savoury. Hmm, fresh! After that you may order personal size or group menus. For personal menu, try Nasi Buketan and Nasi Bali. Don’t forget to order the winning-flavor of Palumara Bunaken. It is boneless fish cooked with green tomatoes, star fruit, lemon, basil, and bird eye chili. While for the others, Bunga Rampai serve menus with chicken, beef and various vegetables. To name a few are Iga Cabe Ijo, Ayam Anyelir, Sate Bunga Rampai, Gurame Onje Telur Asin, Bawal Mutiara Bakar Rica, Cumi Garing Anyar, Udang Goreng Saus Madani, Tumis Pare Telur Asin, Kangkung Balacan, and Kaca Piring.

Make sure you order fresh beverages to accompany your meals. Es Cantik Djelita or Es Kopyor Alpukat can be a recommendation for you. The price for food ranges from Rp150,000,- to Rp250,000,- per person. The place is also suitable for you who want to have a meal over business meeting. You shouldn’t worry about the taste because Bunga Rampai put a priority for quality and comfort for their guests. It’s worth it!


Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 35, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia


+6221 31926224

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11.00-23.00 WIB