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Enjoying Halal Ramen at Seirock-ya

Enjoying Halal Ramen at Seirock-ya

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Ramen is one of the Japanese dishes. But, most Muslims refuse to try this dish because in its origin country, ramen is cooked with non-halal ingredients. But now, Seirock-ya is here for you who wants to eat ramen without worrying the non-halal ingredients. Because on the front side of the restaurant’s building, Seirock-ya already put the “No pork ramen” sign in big size that can be seen from the street.

The signature menu of this restaurant is the Toripaitan Ramen, which is an original ramen from Seirock-ya with 100% chicken soup and extra collagen that is good for health and beauty. If you like spicy food, there is the Devil Pedas menu. This menu is special for you who dare to stand the spicy flavor. Seirock-ya will give you a master of spicy certificate for you who can eat the whole portion of this ramen.

If you want to taste Japanese authentic ramen, you can order Tokyo Ramen. This ramen is cooked with chicken bone and simmered, so the taste of the chicken broth tastes very exquisite and refreshing. Besides ramen, you can also find other menus such as karaage, chicken katsu, Japanese fried rice, gyoza, and also donburi. For beverages, you have to try the unique one which is Fresh Jeruk. At a glance, this drink is just like a usual orange juice, but what makes it different is the serving. The juice is drunk directly from the fruit. The orange juice here is made with a special machine that blended the juice from inside the fruit. Unique, right? If you happen to be around Radio Dalam, just come and visit Seirock-ya!


Jl. Radio Dalam No. 9, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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