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Enjoying Homemade Italian Treats by Convivium

Enjoying Homemade Italian Treats by Convivium

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This is one of the most popular restaurants in Panglima Polim that you can’t miss. Convivium, which in Latin means a party or a feast, was established in 2010. With its tagline “Homemade Italian Cooking”, Convivium offers indoor and outdoor areas for your cozy dining. The indoor room is dominated with homey wooden rustic interior, with shelves of sweet ornaments that makes it feel like you are visiting someone’s home.

Convivium is also famous for its Torta Passione, or the red velvet cake! What makes it more special, the pasta at Convivium is homemade; they don’t buy packaged pasta. Mmmm… Interesting to try, isn’t it?

Various pastas are available here. There are spaghetti, lasagna, tagliatelle, trofie, gnocchi, pappardelle, angel hair, rigatoni, and cannelloni. But before tasting their pasta, you can start with Antipastino Toscano as the appetizer. Not only pasta, Convivium also serves meat menu that is served with your choice of side dish. There are Roast Beef, Pollo Arrosto (roasted chicken), Filetto di Salmone con Salsa di Mediterranea, and Costollette d’Agnello alla Griglia (lamb chops). There are also sandwich and pizza.

You don’t have to worry with the beverages, because they serve types of tea, coffee, fruit juice, lemonade, beer, and wine! Don’t miss the desserts that are not just the famous red velvet. They have Torta Arcobaleno or the rainbow cake and Volcano di Caramello or Melted Caramel Cake with Sea Salt Gelato.

If you come in big group, you have to order the Assaggio di Gelati e Sorbetti. It is the ice cream platter that contains gelato and sorbet with unique tastes that you might have never tried, such as Risotto Mascarpone, Earl Grey, Bacon, Squid Ink, Red Velvet, Orang Basil, Lychee, Lime Rosemary, and Strawberry Chili. It’s really a fun treat!


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