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Enjoying Hot Chocolate in the Cold Swiss Alps

By Isny Dewi R

16 Aug 2019

Swiss Alps offers the sensation of eating in the cold snow of Trans Snow World Bekasi.

No need to go far to Europe to feel the cold snow. Because in Bekasi you can feel the snow at Trans Snow World. Here, you will not only feel the fun of playing snow, but you can also taste a variety of delicious food in the cold of 'Bekasi snow'. It’s Swiss Alps, one of the places to eat in Trans Snow World Bekasi, serving a variety of main dishes and hot drinks that are worth a try.

You can find Swiss Alps on the second floor of the Snow Area. This food corner has an interior that is quite unique because it’s designed to resemble the typical house of Barvaria, Germany which is made of wood piles. Rows of chairs and dining tables are also dominated by wooden decorations.

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Because Trans Snow World has quite cold temperature, it’s best to order Swiss Alps hot menu such as Hot Chocolate (Rp. 40,000) and Zuppa Soup (Rp. 40,000). Hot chocolate here is served with latte art on it, with any shape, like heart-shaped to tulip. The taste is good, thanks to the right combination of chocolate and milk, produces a sweet but not excessive.

To warm up and fill your stomach, Zuppa Soup at this cafe is also delicious. The puff pastry is quite crispy and easily crushed, tastes tasty and buttery. It’s getting more delicious when you mixed into a warm and creamy soup. Other menus that also shake your tongue are Pasta Carbonara (Rp.47,500) and Monster Potato which are best seller menus at Swiss Alps.


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Swiss Alps
Trans Snow World Bekasi, Transpark Mall Juanda, Margahayu, Bekasi Timur

Open Hours:

Senin - Jumat: 09.00 - 22.00 WIB, Sabtu & Minggu: 09.00 - 23.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: (021) 82692727