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Enjoying Jakarta City Tour Bus!

Enjoying Jakarta City Tour Bus!


For you who like to know further about Jakarta, you can have a city tour with the Jakarta City Tour Bus. It’s free! And you can gain more knowledge about Jakarta from the tour guide of this bus. These are few things you should know before you take the city tour.

1. “Bus Keliling Jakarta” has nickname, its named is Mpok Siti.

2. It is a Double Decker bus with the color of blue and greenish yellow, decorated with attractive lettering words: City Tour Jakarta (Bus Keliling Ibu Kota).

3. Uniquely, the driver of this bus is a woman. Looks strong, right? But the driver still looks elegant wearing black sunglasses behind the driver’s seat.

4. When you are in this bus, the tour guide is ready to share many information about Jakarta that maybe you have not known before. For you who love historical things, you will definitely enjoy this!

5. For your info, you have to stay in your seat while the bus is on the road. You are not allowed to walk around the bus.

6. You can catch this bus from these bus stops: Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Museum Nasional, Pecenongan, Pasar Baru, Masjid Istiqlal, Monas 1, Monas 2, Balai Kota, and Sarinah. These bus stops are usually marked with a Double Decker sign written City Tour.

7. The operational hour is from 9 am to 7 pm on Monday to Saturday and 12 pm to 7 pm on Sunday.