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Enjoying Malaysian Dishes at Penang Bistro

Enjoying Malaysian Dishes at Penang Bistro

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Malaysia and Indonesia comes from the same roots, which is Malay. But, there is a uniqueness from one of Malaysia’s area located on Malacca Strait, that is Penang. The uniqueness of the dishes there can be found at Penang Bistro. This restaurant already has 9 branches in Jakarta, one of them is at Grand Indonesia. It is not hard to find this restaurant because it is located right next to ATM center at West Mall Grand Indonesia. Entering this restaurant, you will find a modern interior design that will make you feels comfortable. The friendly service becomes the superiority of this restaurant.

When dining here, don’t forget to order Mango Chicken which is a breaded chicken fillet served with slices of fresh semi-ripe mango and drizzled with yummy sauce. You will not find sour taste from the mango on this dish.

There is also Singapore Crispy Sotong, which is a crispy fried squid with sweet sauce that will complete your dining pleasure here. Don’t forget about Ebi String Bean, which is a string bean with savory dried prawn as the seasoning. With these three dishes, your lunch or dinner will be complete! Or you can also try the Nasi Lemak with five side dishes included if you are confused on deciding what to eat. The deliciousness of the Malay food here is so exquisite!


Grand Indonesia West Mall Lantai 3A, Unit ED



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10.00 - 22.00 WIB