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Enjoying Pontianak-Style Kway Teow and Dim Sum at Seroja Baru

Enjoying Pontianak-Style Kway Teow and Dim Sum at Seroja Baru

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Kwetiaw, or the flat rice noodle kway teow, is one of the most favorite dishes in Jakarta. No wonder many food parlors serve kwetiaw as their main menu. One of the parlors is Seroja Baru. The kway teow restaurant started as a small parlor at the local market Pasar Seroja, Pontianak City, in the West Kalimantan in 1966 without any brand. The delicious kway teow then known by the locals and they called it as Kwetiaw Pasar Seroja.

Too bad, the market was demolished in 1982 and the parlor had to move to Jalan Diponegoro, Pontianak. But this also even created the well-known brand of Kwetiaw Sapi Seroja Baru. In 1996, they settled their first branch in Jakarta, in the Ruko Greenville, West Jakarta. The taste was suitable with the people in Jakarta, so they could expand in the capital city with a total of 12 branches, one of which is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. 

Apart from the kway-teow, Seroja Baru also serves noodle and vermicelli rice that you can order with beef or seafood toppings. The menus like rice, soup, meatballs, and vegetables like Cai Sim, Cap Cay or Tauge (beansprouts) can be also be ordered here. Also try their mouth-watering dim sum menus. For the steamed dim sum we recommend the shrimp/chicken Siew Mai, shrimp/chicken Hisit Mai, or the Chasiew Pau. As for the fried dim sum, you can choose the shrimp/chicken Wonton, Tahu Pong Ayam (chicken tofu), Tahu Goreng Seafood (seafood fried tofu), Fish N Soy, and Lumpia Mayonnaise. And for the beverages, they serve tea, orange juice, iced nut milk, kedondong (ambarella) juice, and even beer. Go straight to the Kwetiau Seroja Baru Pantai Indah Kapuk!


Pantai Indah Kapuk Rukan Eksklusif Blok B No. 6, Jl. Bukit Golf Mediterania, Kamal Muara Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara 14470



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