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Enjoying Tasty Lamb without Strong Smell at Abu Lahap

Enjoying Tasty Lamb without Strong Smell at Abu Lahap

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Talk about lamb, many people don’t like it because strong smell and tough texture. But you maybe happy when you know there is a restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta that offers lamb menu without strong smell and tough texture. Abu Lahap will makes you who don’t like lamb going to be crazy after tasting their top menu, Dabba.

On media gathering event, Abu Lahap owner, Iqbal Alkaff said that Dabba is a middle eastern food which cooked intensely for 3 hours. The lamb marinated before grilled. For the ingredients, Iqbal doesn’t want to told because it’s secret family recipe.

But he reveals that Dabba made by original ingredients from Indonesia that resulting savory lamb and middle eastern authentic. Combination of complex cooking technique and best seasonings, makes the ingredients perfectly absorbing into the meat, removing bad smell of the lamb.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.

Tender texture and no bad smell on Dabba also because they using 3 months lamb. Iqbal said, old lamb has strong bad smell.

Dabba on Abu Lahap presented with 2 options of rice, nasi goreng gulai and nasi kebuli. Check In Jakarta had a chance to taste with nasi goreng gulai. It really without bad smell and the lamb is so tender, we can say that it’s similar to chicken. It’s also savory. The Dabba getting tasteful when we eat it with nasi goreng gulai and sambal matah. Their sambal matah made by 3 kinds of chili, bird's eye chili pepper, green chili, and red chili.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.

On this event, there was also Dea Vialdo Celebrity Chef who demonstrating the making of Dabba with nasi kebuli.

If you are about to try, Dabba from Abu lahap priced only Rp 48.000.


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