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Enjoying Wood Fired Pizza at Pizza Barboni

Enjoying Wood Fired Pizza at Pizza Barboni

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In a modern era like today, most restaurants are equipped with the most sophisticated tools. But in Pizza Barboni you can still enjoy the old-fashioned wood fire oven pizza, as it is the authentic way of cooking pizza in Italia. The smoky burnt wood taste will give you a different pizza sensation. Yummy!

There are various original toppings that you can order here, such as Margherita, Napoli, Funghi, Tonno, Salame, also the sweet ones like Nutella. Not only in regular form of pizza, you can have your toppings in the folded pizza Calzone, or small size pizza Pizzottino. There are also other dishes such as burger, focaccia, and snacks. Their unique menu is pizza in form of cupcakes. Curious, isn’t it?


Jl. Kemang Raya No. 49E, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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